The methods we use – Lean, Lean Six Sigma, and Change Management – help our clients to operate at the next level. The following discusses some of the benefits that our clients enjoy.

Cost efficiency.

The team at BEM strives to eliminate the waste from your daily operations. This waste is pervasive throughout your operations. A fact that is well know among practitioners of Lean and Lean Six Sigma but often surprising to others is that 90% of what you and your people do in their routines can be shown to be things that the customer would not be willing to pay for. The cost of all this waste to you is enormous. By eliminating a portion of this waste, your expenses will be reduced and your profitability will be increased.

Improved time to delivery.

How quickly products or services are delivered to the customer is also impacted greatly by all the waste in your operations. Most operations experience some percentage of defects in the creation of products or services. At a 5% defective rate a business has to produce on average 105 parts to make 100 shippable pieces. This drives up material costs, the cost of labor, the need for additional floor space, the need for additional people to investigate why the defects occurred, and so on. If the defective products can be salvaged through rework, additional capacity is lost because people and equipment that could be used for making new products have to be diverted to fixing the defective parts. All this reduces the time that you can devote to making new products or services.

Return on Investment.

BEM makes every effort to provide a five-fold return on engaging our services. We work closely with your staff to develop realistic and practical plans for how the improvements are to be executed. A plan is prepared that shows, over time, when specific improvements will be put into place and when the savings are to be realized from those improvements. A schedule is posted at your site during the course of the engagement and progress towards goals is plotted. If at any time, the customer is disappointed by the progress being made, he has the ability to terminate the work immediately.

Operational competitive advantage.

Waste in your operations is expensive. It makes it take longer for you to deliver your products or services to your customers. Waste makes you hire more people to do the work. It makes you take up additional space and forces you to purchase more equipment. Reducing waste will make your operation faster, more cost effective, and more flexible. All these factors will increase your ability to compete in the marketplace.

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