The team at Business Enterprise Management believes in dealing fairly with our clients and their employees. The following outlines some of the principles we adhere to for any client engagement.

We pay for ourselves as we go

Finding and eliminating the waste in your operations.

Properly managed, a Lean implementation can make any enterprise more efficient and effective. It does this by finding waste in an operation’s work processes and driving it out where it can. A fact that is well known to Lean practitioners, but surprising to those who are new to Lean is that more than 90% of the activity in any operation can be classified as waste. (In fact, having only 90% waste is considered pretty good. Most operations are much worse off.)

This means that there are substantial savings to be gained from a properly managed Lean initiative. The BEM team will work with you to introduce Lean to your facilities in a way that recoups any expenses you pay for our services. Further, at the end of the Deep Dive Assessment, we will provide a schedule that shows what we will help you achieve and when you can expect the savings to be realized.
We more than pay for ourselves as we go. Our usual savings target is in excess of ten times the cost of doing the improvements.

We attack issues with greatest potential for return at the lowest level of effort

The opportunity-rich environment.

Most operations have more problems than their leaders know what to do about. The judicious use of data will help us to understand which problems are the ones to attack first. Key process metrics will help us to see the impact of improvements and allow us to gauge how successful we are with the improvements we have put into place.

The team at Business Enterprise Management takes a different approach to how it works with its clients.

24/7 hands-on approach.
Many consulting firms are there for their clients during business hours, Monday through Friday. The Business Enterprise Management team recognizes that for many operations, production is a round-the-clock activity. Our team has demonstrated that we are willing to be onsite whenever we are needed. We provide a 24-hour presence wherever the work is being done, seven days a week.

We go where the work is.

Production does not take place in conference rooms or in office buildings. The Business Enterprise Management team understands that the only way to understand what is happening is to go where the work is being done.

We work with all levels in your organization.

The Business Enterprise Management team works with your people at all levels of the operation. From the C-Suite to the manufacturing floor, our team will effect tangible improvements into your operations.

Plan, do, check, act

It’s not an improvement until verified using data and facts.

The Plan-D0-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle lays out simple steps for being effective with any change. We plan to make a change. We implement it. We use data and facts to check whether the improvement was as effective as we had hoped. And should we show that we’re not be getting the impact we had planned for, we adjust our methods and then repeat the PDCA cycle once again.

People who live with the problem should be involved in finding its solution

Acceptance is key.

The best improvements are often quite straightforward to put in place. Given that more than 90% of the work being done in any operation is waste, it is not difficult to understand that the biggest opportunities for improvement do not require an engineering degree or an MBA. Waste exists everywhere in an operation. It is not difficult to teach people to see it. In many cases, the people working your operation are already acutely aware of problems in their areas. After all they have to live with them every day.

A properly executed improvement initiative will engage the workforce in the improvement process. Kaizen events will allow workers to participate in the development of solutions during these focused improvement activities. Additionally, all employees will learn to understand that process improvement goes on continuously, not just during Kaizen events.