Other Services Offered

On-the-Job Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring of your staff is integral to any work we do for you. We recognize that no matter how much you enjoy working with us, your people will at some point need to learn to do what we do and that we will need to move on. Every engagement we work involves the development of people who will be expected to assume our role in the long run.

We understand that there is a large difference between knowing the theory of how processes can be improved and actually making lasting improvements. We recognize that your people will sometimes not have the confidence that need to get people to change the way they do their work or they may stumble from time to time in trying to make improvements.

BEM works with your staff to teach them to do for your company what we do. We provide them the support and knowledge they need to gain positive experience in implementing change for the good.

Program Design and Evaluation

Does your Quality program need a refresh? Are you thinking of instituting a new safety initiative? We can help.

Many of our clients have mature improvement programs in place when they bring us in. We welcome the opportunity to review your existing program and show you the opportunities that have been missed so far. We can help you to take your program to a higher level of performance. Find out more


Our consultants have years of experience with problem solving in many different industries – commercial, military, and civil government, foreign and domestic. While your subject matter experts are likely to understand your business well, they don’t typically have the insights gained from the experiences gained over a range of operations. Our consultants do. We can help you to see your problems with new eyes.