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Services We Offer

  • BEM will find workable solutions to your problems. Our team members have deep experience with many different types of operations. They can apply their insights to help you to see past the symptoms of the problems and instead focus on the root causes for issues. Do you have a problem with how work is being done in your operation? Our consultants can make that problem go away.

  • Our consultants have years of experience with problem solving in many different industries; commercial, military, and civil government, foreign and domestic. While your subject matter experts are likely to understand your business well, they don’t typically have the insights gained from the experiences gained over a range of operations. Our consultants do. We can help you to see your problems with new eyes.

  • If you so choose, the BEM team can help you take the next step in addressing your operational issues. We can teach your people to do what we do. We offer a variety of on the job training programs in Lean and Lean Six Sigma, from something as simple as awareness training to certification training programs that will allow you to grow your own process improvement experts from your staff. Our experts will work with your team to coach and mentor them as they learn new skills and apply them in new settings.

  • BEM also conducts classroom training aimed at providing training in Lean or Lean Six Sigma for companies in a geographic region. These classroom-training programs use a hands-on approach to knowledge transfer. In most cases, the student comes to class with an actual problem that he or she is to solve over the course of the training. By doing this, students win because they learn more than they would from textbook examples. Additionally, the sponsoring companies win as well because they are seeing the benefit of the improvement that the student implements. Often, the return on investment from just the project that the student does as part of the training more than offsets the cost of the training.


  • Greg's passion for Lean Systems is contagious!

    Three years ago our plant was faced with either rapid dramatic operational improvement or shutdown of the entire facility. Greg was brought in to help us assess the situation and chart a turnaround plan. He did both, and in three years our facility has gone from being on the chopping block to becoming the model plant for the rest of our manufacturing group.

    Greg's passion for Lean Systems is contagious!
    Mark Drake
    Director of Operations
    Security Metal Products
  • Hands on approach...extremely influencial

    Pete is one of those unique people that can take a complex subject and break it down into layman’s terms in a way that it facilitates understanding, and also drives action.  He is a thought-leader who made me more successful than I would have been on my own and he continues to be someone that I recommend highly.

    Hands on approach...extremely influencial
    Robert Maggio
    Director – Enterprise Master Data, Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement
    Coca Cola
  • Impressed with his leadership style

    Pete successfully led the largest command’s LSS Deployment in the Army (FORSCOM – Forces Command).  I was impressed with his leadership style, level of professionalism and candor, which says a lot considering the client’s leader is a four-star general with a international agenda to execute.

    Impressed with his leadership style
    Robert Hutcherson
    Optimize Consulting, Inc.
  • Greg has the skills and abilities to drill down to the very last drop of non-value add and get the team to see and understand exactly what is on the table

    Quite simply Greg is the best Lean consultant / Practioner that I have come across and if you want to get the best out of your team members then Greg will help them to embrace the philosophy and practicalities of Lean and its sustainable benefits.

    Greg has the skills and abilities to drill down to the very last drop of non-value add and get the team to see and understand exactly what is on the table
    Keith Waters
    Manufacturing Director
    MAS Holdings

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